USCA Nationals

The United States Canoe Association is a nationwide community of canoe and kayak racers who race hard, train hard, and know how to have fun. The USCA is dedicated to this lifetime sport and wants to help you meet your paddling goals. Join us today!

We believe it is our role to provide the general public with FUN paddlesport opportunities. Make paddling education and instruction accessible.  We want to Improve access to all paddling venues and expand paddlesport to people of all abilities and to the underserved.

The USCA wants to promote paddlesports competition at the local, regional and national levels by creating strategic alliances with clubs and other organizations that represent the outdoor experience in order to expand awareness and knowledge of paddlesport.  We strive to communicate the benefits of canoeing, kayaking, rafting and stand up paddleboarding as healthy lifetime recreation activities.

The heart of the USCA is the people who paddle, cherish and protect the rivers, lakes, streams, bays and oceans of the United States and beyond.

The schedule of events for 2022 in Newaygo is as follows:

​August 11-14,2022

​Thursday – Youth Sprints

C2 Youth (11-12)
C2 Men Junior (15-17)
C1 Man Junior (15-17)
C2 Youth (8-10)
C2 Women Junior (15-17)
C1 Woman Junior (15-17)
C2 Youth (5-7)
C2 Boy Youth (13-14)
C1 Boy Youth (13-14)
C1 Youth (11-12)
C2 Girl Youth (13-14)
C1 Girl Youth (13-14)
C1 Youth (8-10)
C2 Mixed Open
K1 Man Junior (any kayak)
C1 Youth (5-7)
SUP Unlimited Man Junior
K1 Woman Junior (any kayak)
K1 Youth (5-7)
SUP Unlimited Woman Junior
K2 Mixed Junior
K1 Youth (8-10)
K1 Youth (11-12)

Friday – Marathon

K1 Touring Woman
K1 Sea Kayak Man
C2 Standard Mixed
C2 Mixed
C2 Man/Junior (C2 M/Jr)
C2 Woman/Junior (C2W/Jr)
K2 Unlimited Mixed
Short Course
C2 Man/Youth(C2 M/Y) C2 Woman/Youth (C2W/Y)
C2 Mixed Junior (C2 Mx Jr)
SUP Unlimited Man
SUP Unlimited Woman

Saturday – Marathon

C2 Standard Women
C2 Women
K1 Unlimited Man
K1 Sea Kayak Woman
C1 Man
C1 Man Stock
OC1 Woman
K2 Unlimited Women Short Course
K1 Unlimited Man Junior & Barton Youth Award
C1 Man Junior & Barton Youth Award
C2 Women Junior

Sunday – Marathon

C1 Woman
C1 Stock Woman
OC1 Man
C2 Men Open
C2 Standard Men
K1 Unlimited Woman
K1 Touring Men
K2 Unlimited Men Short Course
C1 Woman Junior & Barton Youth Award
K1 Woman Junior Unlimited & Barton Youth Award
C2 Men Junior